What's Next

 What's Next? 

My emails are being queued again. 

It's important to stay calm...think of the beautiful ocean..

Today's email: 



I was on social media, telling someone from Scotland I was drinking Welch's Grape juice, which was a funny coincidence...A day or two later: 
They took my Welch's Grape juice out and replaced it with Clover Hill about a week ago. I took it out of my refrigerator figuring they poisoned it and something gross is growing! 

6:13pm ((end)) 3/14/2023 

Whatever they put in this, it's gross and growing! 

I've been seriously poisoned here twice, and was on Cipro for 10 days. I had other lesser hours with poisoning. 

This thing they put in the grape juice has been growing - to think I may have drank that - it would have killed me! 

DAY THREE - the NAZI socialists still block me, saying it's Day One! 

It looks like there's metal in it 😠

Posted 3/16/2023

Update on the gross creature in my grape juice 3/16/2023...No wonder I have such metabolic problems! To think they have harmed me with gross stuff like this I beyond terrifying! 

@wuauquikunaoff1 - I tried to watch #Wuauquikuna on this tablet yet YouTube keeps doing this every day for 5 days or more now. This is #CristoferCordova channel...it is still blocking me! @sundarpichai is NOT a Technocrat and I hope he can help me get access to my own device. 

I wish this could be tested at a lab! 

Posted 3/18/2023 


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